Broomhill Library Action Group - BLAG

The Broomhill Library Action Group has been set up to challenge the council's decision to close Broomhill Library.

The group welcomes anyone who wants to be involved, including groups in other areas with a view to mounting a concerted action.

Sheffield City Council (SCC) are currently reviewing the library services in and around the city, due to budget cuts and the changing requirements of library users.

  • The first consultation period was in summer 2012, from which six key proposals were suggested.
  • The second consultation period ended Friday 10th January 2014.
  • Currently, the Minister for Culture & the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey, is conducting an inquiry into Sheffield City Council’s plans for public libraries. He has just issued a letter stating that he is ‘minded not to’ intervene.

But before he makes a final decision he wants to know what YOU think!


The minister has a duty, under the Public Libraries & Museums Act 1964, to superintend library provision and to intervene if a council is failing to provide a “comprehensive and efficient library service” for all who want to use it.


Broomhill Library Action Group have always maintained that the council’s plans will result in a service that does not meet these requirements. The Minister has now also chosen to disregard our evidence supporting this challenge.


We need to persuade him he is wrong!


The Minister has asked for further representations to be presented by 20 November 2014.


We are therefore asking as many people as possible to write to the Minister to:

  • request an Inquiry to protect this valuable service, and
  • state your support for an ongoing ‘comprehensive and efficient’ library service in Sheffield.

Two templates are provided here, into which people can just insert their own name and library, or can alter as they please.

Emails need to be sent to:

Ministerial Support Team


Public pressure has been shown to work, so please share this information.

Thank you.


Here is a summary of the city library campaign to date.

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Please keep writing to your Councillors and the local papers to offer your opinion and objection:


Cllr Mazher Izbal (labour) -

Sheffield Star -

Sheffield Telegraph -